The great value of SWF files for digital marketing

Adobe’s proprietary SWF format is very popular with web page developers and those creating interactive browser minigames. The main reason is that the codec with which it is developed allows the creation of vector animations and the use of MotionScript for the creation of fully interactive files.

The great advantage of SWF files is their size, since they are light enough to be shared and played through the browser with a practically immediate response and without the need for an extremely fast internet connection.

In Digital Marketing that seeks to generate engagement through content shared on social networks and web pages, SWF files have great value, since the users themselves can interact with them and obtain a more complete multimedia experience



Main advantages of the SWF format and that they constitute great potential for marketing


There are clear advantages to using the SWF format as a medium to share content over the internet to use as a medium to convey ideas. It is a very versatile type of file that allows a wide range of actions and among them we highlight the following:

It can be easily shared due to its light size. Files in SWF format are capable of storing compressed data types that drastically reduce the size of the data, and therefore do not require fast connections to open practically without problems.

You can enter colors, vectors, actions and animations of any type you want, including image, video and audio.

They do not require external adjustments, so they can be presented independently, parameters such as the source of the text are independent of the computer where they are reproduced.

The rendering of the files is fast and does not consume much resources or energy.

New features can be added to the format while still being compatible with older players. The main player used for SWF files is Adobe Flash Player.



Main uses of SWF files on the web today

Currently, SWF files are used to compress video files, to create browser games and interactive options on web pages that require the Adobe Flash Player plug-in installed in the browser.

Websites like YouTube use this format to compress the videos into a lighter version that preserves aspects such as the quality of the audio and video. It has also been used to share interactive content on social networks that can be easily reproduced by the browser and that allow the interaction of the users to whom it is presented.

This format allows the dissemination of large amounts of compressed data to which almost any new parameter, resolution modifications, textures, sounds and animations are allowed to be added to the parameters of an existing file, making them easy to edit even after publication, so quick modifications can be made to, for example, a previously created template by adding enhancements to the appearance or functionality of web pages in which SWF files have been used.