In the United States there is a social health dissonance. On the one hand, there is talk of the need on the part of citizens. Another great example was the statement by Governor Ron De Santis that declared wrestling an essential business.


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Juan Arango

That allowed the WWE could record their weekly shows from his training complex and development in Orlando.

At the end of this “MLS is Back & rdquor; (The MLS is Back), the health issue has been relegated to a secondary issue. The MLS has mentioned that its protocols are the same that they have implemented in the Bundesliga, but the issue now is that in the city in which they are going to play, There is a very different story from the one Germany is experiencing right now.

As the numbers begin to drop in the United States, in the state of Florida cases of coronavirus begin to increase, especially in the Orlando area.

Cases increase 300%

In just one week they increased the number of cases by more than 300%. On June 3, there were just 39 cases. That number reached 128 in a space of seven days. This week there were only 385 confirmed cases in the Orlando metropolitan area. Of those 385, 78 in the last 24 hours.

“Obviously, as everyone does, we are monitoring COVID cases in every state, including Florida, & rdquor; Garber said in a conference call with several reporters.

“The number of cases in Florida has been less than in many other places. We are confident that we can handle this tournament. & Rdquor; MLS has already been careful about what they will do with every situation that may arise, but there is one in which it has not been mentioned.

The great detail of the NBA

NBA players have doubts about the conditions the league wants to implement for the return to the season. Let’s keep in mind that the basketball players union is much stronger than its football counterparts. In the MLS case, Garber himself threatened to shut players out if they couldn’t reach an agreement over a new labor agreement.

A report by Chris Haynes from Yahoo! Sports indicated that there is Several players who are angry at the unilateral decision by the team owners to resume the season at the Walt Disney World Resort.

For some players, They see this decision as one that leaves a “negative view”. having teams with mostly black players separated from their families « In order to entertain the masses & rdquor ;. This is further accentuated by the great detail of the social situation the United States is going through.