The great honesty lesson of this child who has already gone around the world

One of the most important values in the life of any human being and that will allow us to live better as a society is that of honesty.

Since we are little, both at home and in our school we are taught to be honest at all times, and those who have practiced it from an early age, the result is immediately seen in daily actions.

A child has gone around the world because of the great lesson in honesty that he has given us all, combined with his good values ​​and innocence in the face of a cruel act of robbery and robbery.

Some days ago, An orange truck that was circulating on a highway in the state of Tamaulipas overturned, which soon caused many people to appear at the scene to commit a terrible act of prey, stealing the fruit.

Suddenly, someone captured with his cell phone the moment when a child approaches the scene of the incident to honestly buy a few oranges.

“Tell him what you said to the boy,” a man is heard saying to the boy.

“10 pesos of oranges,” said the boy. “Take them away,” another man is heard saying that to the child. “They don’t want to sell them to you?” Says the man who is recording the child. “I don’t know how many,” he replied. “Take 10 oranges, take them, I’ll help you,” said the boy.

“This boy stood there with his family. This is how it must be, man, why steal the effort of other people “, concluded the man who caught the little boy.

The video that was shared on June 17 on Facebook went viral almost immediately, receiving multiple positive comments, where they congratulate the little boy but also his parents for the excellent education they have given him.

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