The grandfather of the boy who survived the fall of the Italian cable car, under house arrest

The wrecked cable car, surrounded by emergency services. (Photo: ALPINE RESCUE SERVICE via via REUTERS)

The Israeli grandparents of Eitan, the six-year-old boy who survived when a cable car cabin fell into the void in northern Italy last May and 14 people died, are being investigated for kidnapping, following the transfer of the child to Israel, they reported local media, which have also published that the grandfather is under house arrest in Israel.

The prosecution of Parma (north) investigates Shmuel Pelegha and his ex-wife Etty after last Saturday the grandfather transferred the child without consent on a private plane to Israel, where his maternal family lives, after the complaint of the paternal aunt who is took care of him after the death of his parents and his brother in the accident.

“The Peleg family holds Eitan as the Israeli army soldiers are imprisoned in Hamas prisons” and “refuses to say where the child is,” said the paternal uncle today, who launched “a call to intervene politicians.” , in a case that could have diplomatic implications.

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio said on Monday that Italian authorities are “doing checks to find out what happened and then act.”

A fight of months

“Little Eitan,” as he is known in Italy, where he became a symbol of hope after surviving the tragedy of May 23, has been at the center of a custody battle for months, after the maternal family would have claimed her from Israel.

The prosecution opened the investigation after the maternal grandfather, who had moved to Italy after the tragedy, did not deliver the child to his home at the scheduled time after a visit allowed by the judge.

The first investigations of the Pavia Police concluded that the grandfather and the minor had boarded a private flight in which the child could get on because he had his passport, which allowed expatriation, and then the confirmation of the landing of the plane in Israel. through diplomatic channels, according to the same sources.

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“The news shocks everyone and causes us great concern. He has been torn from the family he grew up with, from the doctors who treat him, in a traumatic way that can destabilize him, ”Armando Simbari, one of the Italian family’s lawyers, said at the time.

Italy was pending for weeks the evolution of the little Eitan, who after the accident was admitted to the Intensive Care unit of the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin (north) due to the injuries before being transferred to the ward and starting a psychological program after the tragedy that suffered.

On June 10, he was discharged and left with his aunt, after being informed of the death of his parents.

The Italian Justice investigates 12 people and two companies for the accident suffered by the minor’s family and the rest of the occupants of the cabin that fell into the void between the Alpine mountain of Mottarone and the town of Stresa on May 23.

All of them are accused of intentional multiple homicide, disaster due to negligence and elimination of tools to avoid work accidents, after the chief of operations of the cable car admitted that he deactivated the braking system, to avoid closing the facility, which caused the fall . .

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