The Grand Bazaar of the 2020 Club World Cup

Despite the overloaded schedule caused by the health crisis, we will have the right to a Club World Cup this season …

Fifa takes risks. If the international body has already postponed its very first 24-hour Club World Cup to 2022, perhaps with the PSG , it does not give up on its Club World Cup 2020. This competition was initially scheduled for December, with 7 participants, it was officially rejected from February 1 to 11 in Qatar. If the Bayern won the Champions League

Last summer against PSG, no other continental champion is known.

Regarding the African LOC, the final is being played out between the two Egyptian leaders of Zamalek and Al-Ahly, in 10 days, in Cairo. For the Concacaf Champions League, we are at the quarter-final second leg and the last four will be played in a “bubble”, near Orlando, just before Christmas, perhaps with 3 Mexican clubs. Everything should go well, so …

The Libertadores marathon

The case of the Asian Champions League is particularly funny. We know the identity of a finalist, Persepolis (Iran), who emerged victorious in the Western table on October 3, during a “Final 8” in Qatar. East Asian clubs will also regroup near Doha and its surroundings but for … the end of the group stage, from November 18 to December 4, before the 8th, quarter and semi-finals scheduled for 6 to December 13. We will then know the opponent of Persepolis for December 19.

Finally, the Copa Libertadores must continue normally, across the continent. We know the posters for the round of 16, which will be played in a two-way match, as well as the quarterfinals and semi-finals. The final will be played over a single match, like last year, and the Rio Maracana were chosen to host it. However, hostilities will resume next week and the final is expected at the end of January. Or a few days before the Club World Cup in Qatar. The South American confederation cannot allow itself any setback …

There will be 8 European teams out of the 24 participants in the “Super Club World Cup” in 2022. In agreement with UEFA, Fifa will invite the last 4 winners of the Champions League (Liverpool, Bayern Munich and the winners 2021 and 2022) and the last 4 of the Europa League (Chelsea, Seville and the winners 2021 and 2022). In the event of a duplicate, the most recent C1 finalists will be drafted. PSG, unhappy finalist last August, will therefore have a small chance of being drafted in two years according to the next 4 European finals.
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