The world is constantly changing and there are many examples, the pandemic we are facing as well as the different social scenarios have forced industries like music to adapt and understand the historical moment we are experiencing.

Perhaps the clearest case of this was the Black out tuesday last June 2, a day where Both the major record labels from around the world, as well as bands and artists, came together to make a total stoppage and support movements like Black Lives Matter. – who is currently raising his voice over the murder of George Floyd. But besides that, It was a date to remember the importance of the African-American community within music, and it seems that the Grammys also have this in mind.

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For the next edition of the biggest music award, the Recording Academy has decided to make some changes to its categories, specifically their names and the conditions to be nominated. Perhaps the one that caught the most attention was the modification of Best Urban Contemporary Album – which this year took Lizzo-, which has been rebranded as Best progressive R&B album.

Explaining these changes a bit, they also made it very clear that the Best Progressive R&B Album category Describes R&B records that may include samples and elements from different genres such as hip-hop, rap, dance, and electronic musicas well as production elements found in the pop, euro-pop, country, rock, folk and alternative.

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The Grammy’s decision to remove the word urban from its categories comes from a few months ago, especially since in early May, Republic Records –Who have artists like Drake and Ariana Grande he put the term aside to refer to music made by the African American community, saying that “It generalized black people in many sectors of the music industry, including employees, producers, engineers, and artists.

According to Variety, in a statement the Academy mentions that this is a measure intended to describe the merit or characteristics of the musical compositions or performances themselves. According to the same source, the acting president and CEO of the Grammys, Harvey Mason Jr., say what Changes have been made to ensure that their awards are “inclusive and reflect the current state of the music industry.”

On the other hand, the category Best Rap / Singing performance has been renamed as Best Melodic Rap Performancewhere will they enter solo and collaborative performances containing a strong and clear presence of melody combined with elements of rap. The Best New Artist category will keep his name, but have increased their limit on the number of previous releases to be considered, leaving eligibility to be determined by selection committees.

And the changes did not remain only in these cases, since the category previously known as Best Latin, Urban or Alternative Rock Album has also received a new title: Best Latin or Alternative Rock Album. But when we thought that the word they mention so much would go completely, it seems that the Grammys have not yet been decided, because the award for Best Latin Pop Album, Now it will be called Best Latin or Urban Pop Album.