The Government will eliminate the list of dangerous dog breeds

04/06/2021 at 7:46 PM CEST

The Government plans to modify Law 50/99 on potentially dangerous animals to evaluate the individual behavior of companion animals without taking into account “the specific breed with which they were born & rdquor; and thus avoid “unfair & rdquor; prejudices. The rule establish a behavior validation mechanism for each specimen.

In addition, the draft law provides that dogs that need some “particular handling & rdquor; they must be educated with behavior improvement techniques to stop being dangerous.

This has been stated by the General Director of Animal Rights of the Government, Sergio García Torres, during a conference organized by the Royal Spanish Canine Society in which he also explained the regulatory changes that the Animal Welfare Law prepared by the Executive will entail, reports Europe Press.

During this day, the Royal Canine Society has requested a new law that universalizes canine identification, education with children and young people in values ​​that promote respect and animal empathy, the protection and promotion of native breeds and recognition of the work of breeders ethical.

Torres detailed that the law that the government prepares and whose draft is in the process of public information, it will focus on homogenizing the 17 regional regulations to establish a common general framework, at the same time that it will include an Animal Protection Registration System, of which different identification systems will be part.

Among them, a registry of animal welfare centers will be created, by which the professionalism of the sector, the collection of abandoned animals or animal protection entities will be guaranteed.

In the same way, a National Registry of Canine Behavior and Education Professionals will be implemented in collaboration with the Ministries of Labor and Education, so that a training system will be established so that professionals can join this activity in a regulated way and so that clients can hire professionals “with guarantee”.

Within the Animal Protection Registry System, a National Registry of Companion Animals is also foreseen, which will coordinate the 17 regional registries, as a ‘meta-registry’ which can be accessed in real time to all the data of all the animals of the country.

He has also announced a National Registry of Company Breeders, which will include professionals and amateurs for “only registered & rdquor; can be official breeders.

Another key element of the new rule will be the obligation to identify companion animals before they can be purchased and within the first three months of life so that the offspring is controlled.

At the same time, a National Registry of Disqualification for Keeping Companion Animals will be launched, which will include all convicted of abuse, who will not be able to register any animal in their name.

The bill also plans to modify the Civil Code so that it recognizes that animals are ‘sentient beings’, in line with the Lisbon Treaty, as well as another modification of the Penal Code to update upwards the penalties for crimes of animal abuse, already that the current ones are “quite lax & rdquor ;, with a maximum of 18 months in jail.