“The Government will always defend the interest of the citizens”

The parliamentary activity has returned to Congress in the same line in which it had ended with the summer break. With tension and an opposition on the lookout for a government that has had to give an account of the great problems today. On the front page, the energy crisis due to the rise in the price of light. Pablo Casado has accused Sánchez of inaction and of “electrocuting” the social shield.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has been clear in defending the management and the recent measures adopted at the meeting of the Council of Ministers. “The Government will always defend the interest of citizens above any particular interest and pressure,” said the president.

As an extension of the last session, the leader of the popular has started his speech by recovering the accusations to Sánchez of lying to the citizens – “you who do not tell the truth or the doctor,” he remarked – and assuring that the Government has failed on multiple fronts: the pandemic, economic recovery and unemployment, Catalonia, the judicial plane and the social shield. Regarding the latter, the popular has assured that instead of extending it he has “electrocuted him by shooting the electricity bill.”

When you go out of Spain speak well of your country because that is even speak well of yourself Pedro Sánchez, to Pablo Casado

Calmly and with a veiled message that seemed to point to the fracture of the PP for the power struggle in Madrid, Sánchez has taken the floor thanking him to see him again on the bench. “Mr. Casado, I hope to see you here for much longer,” he specified to remind the popular that what he has described these days as “confiscatory measures” are about “fair” initiatives.

In this sense, the Prime Minister has asked Casado two things, “that he complies with the Constitution, democratic legality, and that when he leaves Spain speak well of his country because that is even speak well of yourself.”

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