The Government will allow 40% capacity in stadiums and 30% in pavilions

August 13 it will be the date on which sports fans will be able to return to sporting events for the first time since the start of the pandemic as the newspaper progresses ‘The world’. The Ministry of Health has presented a document to regulate public attendance at sports venues. This proposal will take effect from August 13 until September 5 and provided that the established protocols are complied with: safety distance and mandatory mask.

Wanda Metropolitano (Atlético de Madrid)

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The document indicates that a common minimum agreement is established with all the communities and that the main measure is the presence of 40% of capacity in outdoor stadiums and 30% in pavilions.

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In addition, the safety distance of one and a half meters must always be guaranteed and the mask must be used. Inside the enclosures you will not be able to eat or drink and the exit of the stadiums will be done in a staggered manner. Finally, the assistants can only be the subscribers to facilitate the task of tracking in case of a positive by COVID-19.

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