The Government has published new conditions in air and sea passenger transport for Phases 2 and 3. The conditions for tourist passenger transport and recreational navigation are made more flexible and instruments are made available to adapt the offer of services to the evolution of demand and the health situation.

The most important novelties are in maritime transport, since restores passenger traffic from the peninsula to the Canary Islands, the transportation being subject to the assumptions of mobility of people established during the validity of the state of alarm.

At the request of the Autonomous City, in Melilla the prohibition to disembark passengers from the peninsula in passenger ships that provide regular line service, although the conditions are relaxed by establishing new exceptions.

Further, tourist passenger transport is restored throughout the national territory where progress is made to phase 2, within the territorial units of reference, with the health protection measures that, where appropriate, are adopted by the health authorities.

In air transport, in relation to aeronautical training, the order clarifies the conditions under which these training activities can be resumed, in accordance with what was already foreseen in Order SND / 414/2020, taking extreme care and maximum separation on flights and taking into account the instructions , recommendations and guide material adopted by the European Union Agency for Aviation Safety (EASA).

Instruction flights must take off and land within the territorial unit in which the school is located, without landings or take-offs being possible in other territorial units as long as the Ministry of Health does not authorize circulation between different territorial units. It is necessary to take into account the particularity of the Balearic Islands, following the request made by the autonomous government, where training flights can only land on the takeoff island. In addition, the order allows the Recreational air navigation in groups up to a maximum of 20 people, including the pilot.