The Government recognizes that it works in the return of the public to the stadiums

04/27/2021 at 4:11 PM CEST


The Government assured that it will act in accordance with what the technical and health authorities dictate for the return of the public to professional football matches and confirmed that it is currently working to review issues such as reaching certain levels of vaccination and that it can be done safely .

This was explained by the Minister of Finance and spokesperson for the Executive, Maria Jesus Montero, at the press conference after the meeting on Tuesday, in which he stated that “the Government will always act in relation to the issue of the public in sporting events in relation to what is dictated by the technical and health authorities” .

“Right now we are not in a position to confirm any question, but we are in a position to know that work is being done in those environments, reviewing, as in the case of sports matters in cultural matters of holding mass events, all these questions that were pending that vaccination levels will reach a certain threshold to be able to celebrate with a certain security acts with a presence already of a public with a greater number than the one that has been celebrated in these months of pandemic. When the Public Health Commission and the ministry so determine it will move ” he pointed.

Huntsman He stated that “the Government always promotes actions within the framework of the protocols and technical discussions that take place within the Public Health Commission or the Interterritorial Council.”

He also insisted that “the protocols for holding mass events set criteria that the regional authorities have to ensure” such as “safety distance, the form of access for people and a series of variables.”

The Government presented this position after the publication of information on the possibility of allowing the public to return to professional football matches in the last days of the championship next month.