The Government of Spain will not fine Rita Maestre, councilor and co-spokesperson for Más Madrid at the City Council of the capital, despite skipping the confinement and take a walk with friends in full alarm, without mask and without safety distances. In a response to the parliamentary group of the Popular Party in the Congress of Deputies, the Ministry of the Interior explains that the mayor will not be sanctioned as it has been done with the former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy for his solo walks near his home.

The brief sent by the Secretary of State for Relations with the Courts explains that “after reviewing the acts of sanction proposals (complaints) of the State Security Forces and Bodies for contravening the sanitary security measures during the validity of the state of alarm on the occasion of the Covid-19, no complaint was found about the interested person ». Therefore, despite having the video showing the infraction, the Ministry of the Interior has not filed a corresponding sanctioning file.

The first Vice Presidency of the Government responds to the ‘popular’ that “in relation to the case with the current health crisis no further information is available. “ The question was asked on May 13 by PP deputies Isabel Borrejo, Carlos Rojas, Ana Vázquez and Beatriz Fanjul.

Fine Rajoy

On the contrary, Mariano Rajoy, former President of the Government of Spain, yes he has been fined -although it has not transpired with what amount- for taking walks around his house. In fact, the Interior Ministry led by Fernando Grande-Marlaska He pressured the Government Delegation in Madrid, managed by the socialist José Manuel Franco, to urgently process the sanction, as El Mundo published.

For their part, other political leaders who also skipped the quarantine have escaped the fine. This is the case of the second vice-president of the Government himself, Pablo Iglesias, who also personally promised to save on his Twitter account 14 days of quarantine at home after the positive for coronavirus from his wife, Irene Montero. However, a few hours later, he left his home in Galapagar at the Palacio de La Moncloa to offer several press conferences and hold meetings that he could have conducted electronically.

Likewise, Iglesias was seen in a supermarket next to your house buying without the mask which at that time was already recommended in closed spaces. Another mistake that was not punished. Only, Marlaska publicly recommended his fellow Council of Ministers to comply with hygiene measures against the coronavirus.

A “casual” walk

As revealed by OKDIARIO, Rita Maestre She was seen taking a relaxed walk with two friends on Calle Atocha despite the fact that the de-escalation plan in the current ‘phase 0’ it only allowed to do it with a person from the family nucleus. The three friends, in addition, did not respect the safety distance recommended by the Government.

Sources from his environment consulted by OKDIARIO assured that that day «She went for a walk alone and met two friends». “He is following strict confinement,” they told this newspaper. Now, again, this newspaper has tried to collect an assessment of the government’s response to no avail for now.

The co-spokesperson for Más Madrid was facing a fine of 1,500 euros. According to the orders of the Ministry of the Interior to the agents of the authority, an unauthorized displacement was punished with 601 euros, but in this case when being in the company of other people it was a sanction of 1,500 euros. On the other hand, the councilor of the municipal group led by Manuela Carmena did not wear a mask, although it was a non-mandatory measure in open spaces. One of her friends did wear it, but on her chin.

On the other hand, displacements could only be from eight in the afternoon to eleven at night within a kilometer radius from home. The co-spokesperson for Más Madrid lives in the area near Calle Atocha, so this rule was not violated. If the walk had been done entirely alone or with her husband, there would have been no problem. The mistake was walking in the company of friends and, in addition, not respecting the safety distance set at two meters to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

Rajoy, Iglesias, Armengol and Díaz not complying with the Government’s recommendations.

Other offenders

In addition to Iglesias, Rajoy and Maestre, other politicians were seen without respecting the advice and orders of the Government. The Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, or the president of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, They were also photographed in supermarkets without a mask and without the latex gloves recommended by the PSOE and Podemos coalition executive.