The message that the Government should now analyze and process is that there is a large part of society that intends to curb the idea promoted by a sector of the ruling party of « let’s go for everything » and that, this time, materialized in the attempt to expropriate Vicentin. Therefore, the epicenter of the massive claim was in Avellaneda, the city of Santa Fe where this family company was born, which grew to become an agro-export holding company, and which is now going through a deep financial crisis in the midst of a bankruptcy.

On a very particular day for the country, as yesterday was a new anniversary of the death of the creator of the Flag, Don Manuel Belgrano, in many regions of the country agricultural producers and the rest of the citizenry mobilized with the Constitution in hand and the national flag flying.

There is a clear idea in the population that mobilized: with the idea of ​​intervening and expropriating Vicentin, the government of Alberto Fernández it seeks to move forward with a much deeper plan on private property. In fact, Héctor Vicentin, one of the members of the company, said: « The government’s purpose is obviously to dominate the grain trade through company control, but it would be a very bad way out, because state companies have given bad results. ”

In this sense, the president of the Argentine Rural Confederations (CRA), Jorge Chemes, argued that « The Government is looking for any excuse to move forward with the expropriation, and not even analyzing the possibilities that can be had by rescuing the company from the private sector. We believe there is a manifest animosity on the part of the government to keep the company and start expropriating. That is why we are not going to stand with our arms crossed.  » « We are not confused, Mr. President: we are awake, alert, united and on the road, » the CRA president detailed in a column he wrote for Infobae.

In addition, in a statement, CRA responded to Alberto Fernández that he had branded yesterday’s protest « of people who are confused ». In this regard, they noted: “We are not confused, nor are we stupid. We are awake, alert and united. We distinguish when one intervention is the same as the other only presented differently and also when a wolf disguises himself as a lamb. And we distinguish when it is tried to bring Justice to the pushes and when the private property is tried to annul by decree ”.

Another very direct response to the president was given by the vice president of the Inter-cooperative Agricultural Confederation Limited (Coninagro), Norberto Niclis. After this week in a television interview, Fernández suggested to the journalist, Cristina Pérez, who was to read the Magna Carta when he asked a question related to the Government’s decision to intervene and expropriate Vicentin, the leader stated: « Worse than not knowing what the National Constitution says, is knowing it and deciding not to respect it. »

From the north of the province of Córdoba, where the protest had high adherence, the president of the Rural Society of Jesús María, Luis Maglianohe commented: « That politicians, businessmen and merchants have also approached the mobilization, demonstrates that Vicentin’s problem is multisectoral. Taking all the necessary precautions, the community in general came out to express themselves. ”

Among the leaders of the Liaison Table who reflected on what happened yesterday, is Carlos Achetoni, President of the Argentine Agrarian Federation (FAA). « Thousands of Argentines came out to express themselves. Although as an entity we have left freedom of action to adhere to the call, the spirit of the claim is in line with what we have proposed. I think it has been a democratic, peaceful and forceful mobilization ”. « # 20J: the day that thousands of Argentines mobilized across the country for the Republic ”, the text that the FAA president wrote for this medium was titled.

For his part, Matías de Velazco, president of the Confederation of Rural Associations of Buenos Aires and La Pampa (Carbap), argued during the mobilization: « The claim is for institutional quality and the balance of powers. » From the northeast of the Buenos Aires territory, the self-convened producer, Román Gutierrezhe commented, « The country rose and I think this will bring many changes. We have lived an unforgettable and emotionally charged day ”.

The province of Entre Ríos was another of the districts that mobilized. Mariela Galliguer, president of the Branch of the Agrarian Federation of Crespo, warned that « The people gave a national cry against expropriation and in favor of justice. We are protagonist citizens of Argentine history and we stop being spectators. Stop harming life plans and projects for people who work every day. We want to work and in peace. Let’s think about what country we leave our children and what children we leave our country ”.

Although definitions are awaited on whether or not the overcoming proposal that the governor of Santa Fe would present before the Reconquest Justice would prosper, Omar Perotti, the agricultural sector assures that it bets on dialogue with the government to find a way out of the problems that have arisen around Vicentin, but also agree on a medium and long-term agricultural policy so that Argentina can take advantage of the post-pandemic scenario.

Every effort will be made to avoid an escalation of the conflict, which may lead to a scenario of confrontation very similar to that of 12 years ago, when the former president Cristina Fernández it tried to advance with the controversial Resolution 125 of mobile retentions to agricultural exports.

« We are ready to dialogue, But that dialogue will be supported by mobilizations like yesterday’s that ask them to listen to us. And if there are no other alternatives, that the debate be transferred to the National Congress, where the different entities are already expressing to legislators the need not to vote on any initiative to expropriate companies, « said Chemes.

Finally, the president of the Argentine Agrarian Federation, stated: « We hope that the authorities can take note of the discomfort that exists and the way of thinking of many Argentines. We will always be there to consolidate the Republic, but not to deepen the crack ”.

« The Government must listen to our complaint, » an anonymous citizen in Avellaneda also asked, flag in hand. It was the claim of thousands.