The Minister of Finance and Government Spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, Today it has charged those who ask that travelers who come to Barajas and the rest of the airports in Spain be tested to avoid there are sprouts due to imported cases. The criticism, although not expressly cited, is clearly directed at the Popular Party, which has demanded these controls and especially at the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayusowho has asked for a Barajas plan that includes tests for travelers in Barajas.

The minister forgets that other western countries carry out more serious and deep controls, as she has revealed the IATA, the International Air Transport Association, as in France, Portugal, Holland, Germany, the United Kingdom or the United States.

But the Popular Party is not the only one that has requested that these tests be carried out on the passengers of the flights, the President of the Canary Islands has also been doing it for several weeks, of the PSOE, Angel Victor Torres, who has made this approach to repeatedly in the videoconferences of presidents that for 14 consecutive Sundays the Prime Minister has had with the regional presidents.

The Executive Spokeswoman has shielded herself on what they do documentary checks and temperature controls in Barajas and other airports “in line” with the Commission’s recommendations and also in collaboration with the aviation safety agency and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

AND has directly charged those who insist on the tests to tourists. «A disservice to the tourism sector and our economy, who day by day question that the necessary controls are being carried out, “he said.

In his opinion, there are those who seem to have settled into an attitude of permanent protest “regardless of whether their eagerness to criticize the government leads thousands of companies that make a living from tourism in our country.”

María Jesús Montero has considered “irresponsible” to encourage what she has called “fallacies” around this issue, alleging that even the most effective diagnostic tests, such as PCR, “are the still photo of a moment, of an instant” And he wanted to make it clear that for this reason, the EU does not recommend them generically in traffic control.

Therefore, it considers that “what really matters” and what the Government has worked hand in hand with the sector and other countries is that the measures are “viable and useful” to monitor as soon as possible because the Government consider that this is the most efficient way to cut the transmission of the virus.

Montero has stated that these measures agreed with other countries are being applied “to the letter” at the borders in Spain and thanked the collaboration of Foreign Health and the whole of the autonomous communities.

Third countries

The spokeswoman for the Executive also explained that an order “precautionary” was published today to extend the entry restriction of non-Schengen countries for another week, pending the European Union to close the list of 15 countries that will be able to access to the European territory and the control measures that will be adopted.

This negotiation is taking place this morning in Brussels and Montero has explained that if the agreement is closed today, the government will issue another order but the opening would be delayed until July 2 or 3, instead of opening the border on day 1 as It planned.

In principle, this list includes the following countries: Thailand, Algeria, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Georgia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, Tunisia, Uruguay, Morocco and China. The list has been made using epidemiological and non-diplomatic criteria, taking into account that the level of cases is at or below the European average, around 16 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, as well as the reliability of the data and that the curve is in a descending phase in relation to the number of infections.

However, and as the photo can be changed depending on the day and the week, the Spokeswoman has explained that a review will be made every 15 days and has expressed her hope that other countries can be added and that those that do not come out.

As for China, he has specified that it is on the list but as long as there is reciprocity and that the Asian country admits travelers from the European Union.

Montero has also referred to Morocco to explain that Operation Crossing the Strait has been suspended at the request of the neighboring country, considering that the conditions for the OPE not yet exist. However, he specified that if Morocco later considers that it can be implemented, they will keep in touch to establish the necessary measures.