The Government finalizes a Decree to promote the electric car

This Royal Decree will regulate the installation and maintenance of charging points, in addition to making known where it is, its time and its cost.

April 8, 2021 (1:40 PM CET)

The Government will “immediately” launch a Royal Decree to promote electric mobility: this will be the case

The fourth vice president and minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera has announced the launch of a Royal Decree for the regulation of charging points and maintenance of facilities, in addition to an informative one “to know where there are charging points, the time and their cost“and a third” to accompany the first investment “through the Moves plan to aid the deployment of electric vehicles.

According to Ribera, it is necessary to “facilitate regulation and infrastructure”And what is perceived is that“ there is a lot of interest and understanding on the part of the parent companies about the interest that this change can take place in Spain in a rhythmic way”.

For the Minister for Ecological Transition, Spain is on the right track but “we have to coordinate well all public and private initiatives”. In addition, he adds that the transformation of the sector “is going to occur much faster than was expected not long ago.

The Government, ready to definitively promote electric mobility.The Government, ready to definitively promote electric mobility.

On the other hand, Ribera recalls that the Climate Change Law, which he hopes will be approved today in the Congress of Deputies, recognizes the the obligation to install electric recharging points in the big points of habitual gasoline supply with the most sales.

New Plan Moves

Tomorrow, Minister Teresa Ribera is scheduled to present the new aid plan for the deployment of the electric vehicle Moves III, with a budget of at least 400 million euros. Although according to some government sources, if demand so requires, the plan could reach up to 800 million euros in budget.

Remember that the objective of the Pedro Sánchez Government is to reach a figure of 250,000 electric vehicles by 2023, in addition to 100,000 recharging points.