The Government has proposed to the Nissan management an investment plan that guarantees the viability of its plants in Spanish territory. As you have pointed out Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, at the press conference after the Council of Ministers, the Executive has proposed to the Japanese brand to maintain employment with investments in electric mobility.

This was said by Maroto in the press conference after the Council of Ministers after being asked about the situation of the plant of Nissan in Barcelona, after rumors that the company will close this factory.

As reported by OKDIARIO, the Government has proposed more than 50 million euros of aid to the plant of the Japanese company.

In this sense, the head of Industry has underlined that the Executive has put on the table a series of measures and an investment plan for the plants that Nissan has in Spain to guarantee their viability and employment.

“We are working to reinforce this investment plan so that the future of the Nissan plants in Spain is guaranteed and we believe that we can definitely give workers peace of mind,” said Maroto.

For this reason, the minister has insisted that the plan proposed to Nissan contemplates investments and the request that the company provide its Barcelona plant with a new electric model, at a cost of about 300 million euros in the project, in order to to be able to give continuity to it.

Asked if the Government is in contact with a Chinese company to replace Nissan in Barcelona, ​​Maroto stressed that the company has not yet made a decision, so the Executive is “fighting” to stay in Spain.

He recalled that the closure of his plant in the Barcelona Free Zone would have an economic closure, which this Monday the Secretary General for Industry and SMEs, Raül Blanco, estimated at around 1,000 million euros only in labor and contractual costs, while This new product line for Nissan would involve an investment of about 300 million.

“That Nissan knows and is very clear that leaving Spain and Europe will be much more expensive than investing in the Barcelona plant, and therefore, closing Barcelona will not solve its global problems, but what will to do is to complicate them ”, claimed Blanco.

Nissan will present this Thursday its new restructuring plan, in which the question of the future of its factory in Barcelona is expected to be resolved, after several rumors pointing to the closure of said plant, with the transfer of production to Renault factories .

The crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak has put most automobile manufacturers in check, and especially Nissan, which will unveil this week its reorganization plan to deal with this situation and which is expected to include a reduction. 20% of its productive capacity in Europe until 2023.

Among the possible factories of the company that will shut down could be its plant in Barcelona, ​​after the Japanese newspaper ‘Nikkei’ published on May 14 that Nissan had planned to stop producing at its facilities in Barcelona. A decision that would affect 3,000 direct workers and 20,000 indirect jobs.

Since last May 4, the workers of the automobile company in Barcelona have been on indefinite strike until the management of the brand «clarifies» the immediate future of the facilities.