On March 15, 2019, the Government approved an aid of an additional 150 million euros for the PEBA, the New Generation Broadband Extension Program. Fiber optics is still not fully present in rural areas, so the interest lies in continuing to bring it to the villages.

The Government has authorized this Tuesday a new call for aid for the PEBA plan, endowed in this case with another 150 million euros of aid. With this amount, it is intended to continue expanding high-speed connectivity in rural areas of the country.

150 million euros as oxygen for rural areas

The executive has launched a new call for aid for the Broadband Extension Plan (PEBA). This is intended to accelerate the process of extending very high-speed broadband networks in rural areas. Until now, Aid amounting to € 479 million has been granted and mobilized projects worth 871 euros, which has allowed high-speed internet to be brought to more than 5 million homes, according to María Jesús Montero, Minister of Finance and government spokesperson.

The new PEBA plan objectives focus on increasing speed: 100MBps are no longer proposed, the bet is on 300Mbps

The main objective is that 89% of the population can have fiber optics. The program was born in 2013 and continues to receive aid, raising the figure to the aforementioned amount of 479 million euros in total.

The new 2019-2021 objectives of the PEBA plan focus on speed target goes from 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps, the new tender model by provinces, and the incorporation of the so-called gray NGA areas as eligible areas to receive aid. This supposes a greater bet with respect to the initial plan, that had the 100MBps like objective for the speed of the fiber.

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The Government approves another aid of 150 million euros to extend fiber optics in rural areas