The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, expects the Spanish economy to recover from the coronavirus “catastrophe” in two years, which is why he has indicated that in 2023 levels of wealth and employment will be “better” than they started in 2020 Likewise, it has announced this Saturday that a special non-reimbursable fund “for social and economic reconstruction” will be approved in the face of the coronavirus crisis, endowed with 16,000 million euros.

The amount allocated to this recovery fund “would cover a impact of 10 billion euros on healthcare spending, 1,000 million in social spending and 5,000 million as a result of the fall in economic activity, “explained the leader of the PSOE. He also explained that the details will be released to the presidents of the CCAA in the weekly conference this Sunday The objective of the same, he said, is that “no autonomous community is left behind regardless of the impact of the pandemic in each territory.”

Sánchez has also abounded in the recovery after the pandemic and explained that it will extend over the next two years: “We are in a position to recover wealth and employment in the next two years.” “Twe have four years of legislature to rebuild our country after this coronavirus crisis in Spain, “the chief executive has clarified.

“The path of sustainable growth that we followed before the epidemic broke will be interrupted and this year wealth will decrease more than 9%,” said the chief executive. “The recovery will be based on three pillars: Europe, employment and unity. No one can be safe alone, we all depend on everyone.”


Sánchez has also indicated that he will unlock a third line of public guarantees, of another 20,000 million euros, in order to guarantee liquidity to the productive fabric in the face of the emergence of the coronavirus crisis, and which will be mostly reserved for SMEs and the self-employed.

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, announced this Saturday that this new section will be approved next Tuesday in the Council of Ministers.