The Google Pixel 5a would arrive much earlier than expected according to the latest rumors | Technology

The latest rumors suggest that Google would be preparing the launch of the Pixel 5a with a date for a few weeks.

Google terminals are not usually the most powerful, but they have other features that make them interesting devices. One of these characteristics is its camera, being more specific, it is the processor that makes the software of the photographs taken.

That is why they manage to create enough commotion to attract attention and more so when Google’s strategy has gone from offering high-end devices to mid-range equipment. While the most anticipated of the moment is the future Google Pixel 6 thanks to all the expectation that the leaked renders have generated, the Google Pixel 5a is not far behind either.

This device has not been without controversy, since at first the leaks pointed out that it would not exist and later the song has changed to the point of setting the release date in August of this year.

These rumors do not give any details about the physical characteristics, as these would have been leaked months ago and, is that, the Google Pixel 5a would arrive with a double rear camera: normal main sensor and a wide-angle sensor. The screen of the device would be OLED following the rest of its brothers, although it is not yet known if it would have a high refresh rate.

In terms of power, the Google Pixel 5a would be a high-mid-range device and its processor could be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765. This chip is more than known because it is inside equipment such as the Google Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 so its effectiveness is more than proven. In addition, it is compatible with 5G networks.

Of course, at the moment it is not known which markets this new device would reach. If we follow Google’s plans, the safest thing is that it will be available in the United States and part of Europe, Spain could be ruled out, although we wait so we can prove it.

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