It was in September 2015, 5 years ago, when the Google Maps app for iOS was updated with an important novelty: it now included compatibility with Apple’s smart watch, the Apple Watch. But after two years the thing ended, and Maps stopped having software support and updates from Google for the Apple smartwatch in 2017. A story that 3 years later changes again.

Google Maps on Apple Watch

And it is that suddenly, through a statement, Google officially announces that Maps returns to Apple Watch. This version allows, like its equivalent for other systems, basic functions such as navigating by car, bicycle, public transport or on foot, as well as time estimates or shortcuts. And the app will begin to reach all Apple Watch users “in the coming weeks.” But, as also happened before, for the more complex functions and services of Google Maps it will be necessary to use the iPhone itself.

Why did Apple and Google suddenly decide this? Google’s goal is basically extend the use of its Google Maps platform in the ecosystem of Apple products, including both the Apple Watch and the CarPlay service for vehicles, which now allows you to perform split screen tasks while using Maps navigation mode.

Google Maps in Apple’s CarPlay Dashboard

CarPlay Dashboard Google Maps

With the next update, in the CarPlay Dashboard you can now change or pause songs from your favorite multimedia application, rewind or fast-forward podcasts or audiobooks, or Quickly review calendar appointments without having to exit Google Maps navigation. Information is displayed in a split screen view so you can get the information you need “while paying attention on the road.”

Without a doubt, good news for Apple Watch users who missed the Google Maps service.