The Google keyboard will be compatible with the new Android 12 themes: this is how it will work

Gboard will be able to change its interface with different colors thanks to the new Android 12 themes.

Android 12 is very close to reaching its phase beta, and with it great changes will be introduced, including a native theme engine that will allow users customize the interface colors to your liking. Today we know that, once Android 12 is available, one of the most popular Google apps for Android, too will be compatible with this new theme system.

It is none other than Gboard, the Google keyboard app. Well, as they have discovered in 9to5Google, the latest version of the keyboard already hides indications that point to compatibility with Android 12 themes, and the ability of the keyboard to change its appearance based on the colors of the chosen theme.

This is what the Google keyboard looks like with one of the Android 12 themes.

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New Android 12 themes will also apply to Gboard

In its current version, and for some years now, Gboard allows you to change the keyboard theme and choose several predefined styles, or put images as the keyboard background.

But with Android 12, Google plans to go further, and among the many changes to the Android 12 interface that we hope to see is the possibility of adapt keyboard to system theme. In the screenshots below these lines, you can see some examples that show how the keyboard will look depending on the chosen theme.

The Google keyboard will be compatible with the new Android 12 themes: this is how it will work

In addition to its ability to change colors, the new version of Gboard also introduces changes such as circular shaped keys, Google Sans typography and other small adjustments in the interface.

For now, yes, these changes are not available to users, and hopefully they will not be until the arrival of Android 12 beta, whose launch should occur in the main keynote of Google I / O 2021.

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