The Google Doodle for the Olympic Games is one of the most complex and fun ever launched | Gaming

Google’s game on the occasion of the Olympic Games transports us to an island where every four years the best athletes in the world meet to pass the seven final tests.

If yesterday we brought you the new challenges of the Google dinosaur for the commemoration of the Olympic Games, now we are focusing on Google for the same reason, only that we went from a minigame to a much more ambitious development.

The Doodle, which are the tool that Google has been using for years to honor anything worth remembering (painters, scientists, artists, spatial landmarks and much more), are usually the hobby of millions of people for a few hours a day .

And there have been of all kinds, from very elaborate to simple anecdotes. But nothing that has been done is up to the Doodle that we now have in Chrome, which arrives on the occasion of the Tokyo Olympics that begin today.

Just by going to Chrome and clicking on the striking logo (you can also go from the Google Doodles website), the browser opens a window in which an emotional animated intro presents us the story of a cat that travels from distant lands to the sacred island, where the best athletes meet every four years.

Once in the game, the adventure only asks us to move the character with the keyboard arrows and our interaction will come from the space bar, which allows us to jump, climb, roll and talk with the characters on the island.

The tests to be carried out are seven and very different from each other, since each one will give us access to a different medal. And we assure you that they are quite addictive, although simple to overcome: playing ping pong, climbing a mountain, running the 100 meter sprint, etc.

The wealth of the world created for the occasion makes us throw ourselves away a good time exploring the island, talking to the characters who ask us for certain tasks and, above all, biting us with other players to get the best possible score.

And this is because the game makes us choose between four teams: red, blue, yellow and green. And depending on which one we choose We will give you the points we get in the tests, in order to try to make our color the winner of the tournament.

The complexity and richness of this Doodle shows an affection rarely seen on Google before, and that is that although they tend to make a lot of effort in this type of tribute, what they have shown with this creation reaches a level of quality that is to remove the hat .

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