Time passes and although the reopening process is increasingly aggressive, the truth is that for people like the retail sector, the recovery has been slow. Strategies like Good End can make the difference between losing a lot and losing only what is necessary.

The latest figures provided by the National Association of Self-service and Department Stores (ANTAD) about self-service and department stores are clear in this regard.

In the voice of Vicente Yáñez, executive president of ANTAD, the recovery process has begun, although it will take time due to unprecedented falls in the sector.

« Sales are just beginning to recover and you can see that the same department stores fell -72.7 percent in April, something never seen before; in May it was -49.6 percent, in June -44.6 percent and the last of July -22.6 percent. In specialized stores there is also reactivation but there is still a lack of reversing the falls because these businesses had setbacks « in April of -17.5 percent, in May of -16.4 percent in June -14.5 percent and July -9.9 percent, all negative » .

With these prelude numbers, the 2020 edition of Buen Fin is especially awaited by players in the industry.

And we are talking about a promotional strategy that throughout its history has shown to have the ability to increase sales and to grow this percentage year after year.

To give us an idea of ​​what is at stake, just review what happened in last year’s edition of this promotional action.

Days before the 2019 edition of Buen Fin will be held, forecasts indicated that sales would reach 118 billion pesos, which would represent 5 percent more than what was registered during 2018, according to the president of the National Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Tourist Services (Concanaco), José Manuel López Campos, told Forbes.

Studies on the subject indicated that 74 percent of those surveyed would buy something on the Good End and that 26 percent would not make purchases. Of the latter, 33 percent would not buy because they believe that the offers are not attractive, 30 percent because it is uncomfortable and because there are many people, 24 percent because they do not need to buy and 9 percent because they do not know. it can allow it, according to Ofertia.

The truth is that once the promotional season ended, the numbers exceeded expectations.

Last year 90,000 companies and 200,000 establishments participated, an increase of 31 percent.

So far, the ninth edition of the project would be the most successful, with news such as a digital platform in which they were shown 823 thousand products with 30 million prices shopping. Of this, until Sunday, November 17, there had been 256 thousand searches with a participation of 276 thousand people.

The haste to activate internal consumption and, at the same time, comply with the sanitary measures that the market demands right now, have led the leaders of the sector as well as the organizations behind the Good End to propose a promotional season totally different from the one that until now we knew.

From advancing the dates of this strategy to imposing some restrictions, many options have been considered around the Good End and now, as reported by El Universal, a new proposal has come from the federal government.

According to the aforementioned media, with the intention of reactivating the economy, the government headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador intends to extend the Good End for up to two weeks, so that, if approved, the 2020 edition of this advertising strategy would take place from Monday, November 9 to Friday, November 20 of that same month.

Although this is just one more proposal, the reality is that if carried out for the retail sector it could be all chaos.

The reasons are diverse; However, the most obvious ones have to do with the ability to comply with deliveries, keep shelves full and follow sanitary measures to the letter and with greater rigor during these two weeks.

As a result of the pandemic and the slowdown in the production chain, many stores and points of sale have experienced difficulties in renewing their product portfolio.

Additionally, many brands have found themselves in the midst of criticism derived from their inability to agitate their delivery processes at the speed that demand grows, which in the middle of the Good End could grow exponentially.

Finally, although the initiative could be important to reactivate the economy in the country, the truth is that in the face of new security measures and hygiene protocols, promotions of this nature have proven to be a magnet for foolish consumers who, when faced with offers that are especially attractive, they forget all safety rules.

The most recent case occurred in a branch of Soriana de Chilpancingo, a store that was closed after a series of offers and promotions caused an avalanche of customers who between pushing and pulling sought to be the first to take advantage of the discounts, where the brand and his staff could do little.