The Good End, the litmus test of e-commerce

The new rules of consumption | #How to ReactivateMexico

Have we learned consumers and industry enough? From my point of view the answer is no. There is still a lot to do if we compare ourselves against other countries that lead digital trade. The same brands and retailers are still testing and learning, very fast, but it is not over or near completion.

The same concept of omnichannel is still a cliché for many, which in all the extension of the word is a blurred concept, not very well understood and even worn out by not finding the term often congruent between its own meaning, and strategy and execution of trademarks.

I believe that as an industry we are ready to take a crucial step forward and blur the line between physical and digital to truly speak of an integrated and omnichannel ecosystem. This step has not been firmly taken, and it is independent of the online “boom” that we are experiencing.

This is a fundamental change, a transformative change, which I hope this 2020 edition of the Good End will help us to give to all of us who are part of the ecosystem, whether as consumers, entrepreneurs, brands, retailers or technology.

Achieving it will be the true boost to consumption, regardless of physical or digital form. It is time to question whether, for example, it is worth having independent strategies such as Hot Sale, which is focused solely on its digital version. It is an approach that, although it was useful – and a lot – at the time, today without a doubt should be reviewed.

In short, the winner of the Good End must be the consumer. Clear promotions, precise logistics, guarantees, omnichannel shopping experience and customer service are the basis for the long-term success of this initiative regardless of the platform or the purchase channel.

Today the physical point of sale could not do it without online, and online could not do it without the muscle of the physical store.

And you, what did you buy and what shopping channel did you use on the Good End?

Editor’s note: Juan Carlos Jouve is Director of Customer Service for Kantar Mexico’s Worldpanel Division. Follow him on LinkedIn. The opinions published in this column belong exclusively to the author.

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