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Sony Interactive Entertainment is refusing to give us the release date or price of the PlayStation 5. That said, there are those who will soon begin offering a pre-order edition of the console and, in fact, have already revealed its price. We are referring to Truly Exquisite, a company that will sell gold-plated PlayStation 5 consoles.

Through its official site, Truly Exquisite announced that the pre-sale of the gold-plated PlayStation 5 will begin on September 10. From that date, interested players will have the opportunity to get one of the luxurious consoles.

But how much will it cost? The price varies depending on the class of console and the finish you are looking for. For example, the 14-karat gold-plated PlayStation 5 is offered for £ 8099 GBP ($ 10,540 USD), while the digital version with the same finish costs £ 7,999 GBP ($ 10,410 USD).

You can see all the prices and finishes below:

It is worth mentioning that only 250 units of each console will be produced. In addition, each of them will include the PlayStation 5, 2 DualSense controllers and a 3D Pulse headset. The console will be delivered in a luxury wooden box and has free delivery anywhere in the world.

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There will also be PlayStation 5 accessories plated in gold

Not enough for any of the consoles? You can rest easy, as they will also sell PlayStation 5 accessories modified to be luxury.

What happens is that the Gold-plated DualSense remote and 3D Pulse Headset will also be in pre-sale. If you want control you will have to pay £ 649 GBP ($ 844 USD), while the headphones will be offered for £ 399 GBP ($ 520 USD).

And to you, what did you think of this limited and special edition of the PlayStation 5? Would you be willing to pay what it costs? Tell us in the comments.

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