The Gmail app for iOS already has widgets

Gmail is one of the most used email clients in the world and has its own separate app for the iPhone and iPad. Google just launched a official update incorporating one of the main novelties of iOS 14: widgets.

gmail widgetThe new Gmail widget

Although it is not announced as one of the new features in the update data, the version 6.0.201101 Now available in the App Store, it incorporates this new widget that we can put on the home screen of our device.

Google has been one of the first to update their apps to the new iOS 14 widgets. Apps like Google Photos or the Google Search app already have their widget available. And the new Gmail widget is very similar.

How is the Gmail widget

To add this widget, you just have to download the app and follow the normal process to add a widget, here we tell you everything you need to know in case you have questions. The new gmail widget is only available, at least for the moment, in the intermediate size.

They can be distinguished 3 clear zones in the widget, which work as a direct access to the app, you know that iOS 14 widgets have their own way of working. These are the three areas of the Gmail widget:

Search the mail. In the upper area we have a search field to quickly find an email.
Write. By clicking here we will start writing an email quickly.
Emails received. When we receive an email, a notification will appear here, and by touching we will enter the unread emails.

Gmail widgetDifferent areas of the Gmail widget

It is a widget that can be very useful, especially if we frequently use Google mail on our iPhone. Also, it may be updated with new widget sizes over time.

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Little by little the widgets are improving and news arrives, it is incredible what the developers come up with. Surely as the weeks go by, great widgets like this keep coming.

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