The gesture of the Infanta Sofía in favor of her sister, Princess Leonor

Princess Leonor and her sister, Infanta Sofía, in a 2019 image (Photo: Getty Images)

The march of Princess Eleanor to Wales (United Kingdom) to study Baccalaureate at UWC Atlantic College will not put her sister the Infanta Sofía on the front line, who has not been seen in an official ceremony in the company of her parents since last December. According to the magazine Lecturas, the weight of the Princess of Asturias agenda will fall on Letizia and Felipe VI, and not on that of the 13-year-old Infanta.

In fact, his youth would be the reason why the kings have made this decision that represents a gesture and a step backwards on the scene in favor of his sister, despite the fact that many assumed that it would be the young woman who would occupy his place. in his absence.

The last published images of the Infanta Sofía are from four months ago, when she visited her grandfather Jesús Ortiz on January 6. Since then, the youngest daughter of the kings has not been seen in images, despite the fact that her appearances have always gone hand in hand with those of her sister.

The pandemic has not made their role much easier, if one takes into account that celebrations such as Easter Mass have not been carried out due to sanitary restrictions. According to the magazine, the Infanta Sofía will not be seen in the company of her parents and her sister until the summer and, until then, she will continue with her routine away from public life.

For her part, the Princess of Asturias will join the school of Wales between the end of August and the beginning of September, after this course concludes high school at the private school Santa María de los Rosales in Madrid. The cost of their studies in the United Kingdom is estimated at 67,000 pounds sterling (76,500 euros), an amount that the kings will pay with their annual allowance.


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