the “germ” that made the system jump the seams has not been enough

15M at Puerta del Sol, Madrid, 2011. (Photo: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez via Getty Images)

What happened that May 2011 was not a call to protest any more through social networks. Not even an exclusive cause of those who packed the squares. It was not the first cry against the political and financial class and it was not the only trigger for everything that happened later. But what happened next could not be explained without 15-M.

This Saturday marks ten years since a massive influx of people took to the streets in different corners of Spain moved by more than one common feeling. On the one hand, outrage with a system that made a large part of the citizenry feel like “merchandise in the hands of bankers and politicians” —both because of its language and its dynamics. On the other, fed up with the continuous corruption scandals that dotted each other. And in short, concern about an uncertain future after the crisis and the austerity policies that clouded any expectation of a decent life. Ten years have passed, and yet the feelings today seem the same (or worse).

From the “They don’t represent us” to the “Real Democracy NOW”. The many slogans that sounded at that time, channeled in different ways, penetrated uniting a civil society that ended up raising its voice to demand a model that would place it at the center of the political discussion.

“We have created a group to coordinate initiatives to be able to articulate a common voice among all. We ask that those responsible and administrators of the different pages and groups who share the same ideals to fight against this unjust system, or those people who are willing to participate …

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