The Genesis G70 Shooting Brake already has a date to debut in Europe

Little by little, with a slow but firm step, the Hyundai’s premium signature is reaching the main markets of the world. In South Korea, part of Asia and the United States are already settled, but the toughest battle has to be fought in Europe. Above all, because their models will have to face themselves with pedigree products signed by firms such as Audi, BMW Y Mercedes Benz. That, not to mention Volvo and Lexus won’t make it easy for you.

However, the first model they want to dazzle the European customer with is a declaration of intent. We refer to Genesis G70 Shooting Brake, a product of groundbreaking design with a quality of execution that places it among the best of the premium spectrum. In addition, for its debut in society, the South Korean firm will score a “goal” and bet on a renowned date. We tell you when it will be and the novelty that will accompany it …

The Genesis G70 Shooting Brake will debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​but it won’t be the only surprise …

If all goes as planned by the firm, the Genesis G70 Shooting Brake will debut in the next Goodwood Festival of Speed. This is between July 8-11, so there is less than a month left for this. In addition, the stand of Hyundai’s premium subsidiary will have more news. We refer to G70 Y GV70 that are already sold on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and to a very special prototype. Its about X Concept, its first electric model …

But in addition, to support this offensive, directly from the United States, we also there will be several units of the G80 and GV80. With all of them, the brand wants those attending the British event to be able to meet the models with which they want to settle on the European continent. Of course, those who are captivated by these models, will not be able to perform orders, as Genesis has indicated that the books will officially open starting this summer.

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According statements by Dominique Boesch, Managing Director of Genesis Motor Europe …

“We are delighted to introduce the G70 Shooting Brake for the first timeas well as marking the Genesis X’s European debut at the world famous Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​»

“Honoring the region is so important to Genesis, which is why we decided to present both vehicles at the distinguished British festival. In particular, The G70 Shooting Brake recognizes Europe’s automotive heritage both in the name and in the iconic design, which unequivocally demonstrates the brand’s commitment to the region »

We will be aware of possible news, but this landing will mark the beginning of a “war without quarter” between premium firms. Or not…?

Source – Genesis

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