The game will still have long-term content

The game is estimated to still have an average of five years of bonus content. Photo: Square Enix | Square enix

Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of the online multiplayer game “Final Fantasy XIV« , Believes that the game » could never end « as long as players continue to come to it. The creative would share a few words on the subject during a recent conversation with The Washington Post.

Yoshida I would anticipate that the players of PS4, PS5 and PC could expect an estimated five more years of new content and updates to the system and game map, which would result in pleasant news for fans of the title belonging to one of the most popular sagas of Square Enix.

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“Even now, our CEO encourages us to strive for more players and 30 million adventurers, and he still has future plans for us,” he explained. Yoshida assures that, fortunately, the work within the game has not stopped and that the rate of players continues to grow.

Despite how stressful it could be to generate so much content, Yoshida He highlighted the importance of having realistic goals combined with strict scheduling controls, which the workers in the game always strive to keep ahead.

The company would seek to have at least two years fully planned before beginning work on new content. This includes the type of content that will be incorporated into the game, as well as defining the direction that they expect the game to take with these new updates.

Yoshida He also mentioned the pace with which the team seeks to work in order to keep users satisfied, which implies the regular launch of new add-ons that must be tested on different platforms before being available to the player, which requires a large amount of resources.

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In addition to its most recent expansion, Square enix announced that “Final Fantasy XIV”Will be available for PS5 next April, presenting itself completely free for all those who own the game in its version of PS4.