The impossible came true. The defeat of the Dream team In a closed-door game against a university team, it is one of the most exciting stories in the history of the sport and it never hurts to review it to realize that a host of stars is not enough to reap success. The broadcast of the documentary The Last Dance has brought fans back to a time when the sport was at its peak and some of the best in history won Olympic gold in Barcelona 92 showing off an impeccable game. But there was much more behind that.

A few dates ago, we reviewed the sports performance of a team unattainable for its rivals during the championship, whose performance rose as a result of a defeat. It occurred in the preparatory phase for the Olympic event. The American team was concentrated in San Diego (California) and had organized some preparatory games to gain pace. The one that faced them a combined best college players He was one of the first and served to alert everyone that if they did not put their egos aside and play as a team, disaster could loom over them.

The sports performance of Dream Team 92. Who was the best?

05/22/2020 07:05

We analyzed which players averaged the best numbers in a historic championship that was the great exhibition of the best NBA in history.

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There were 20 minutes of meetings in which young people who would later be protagonists in the NBA, such as Chris Webber, Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill, Rodney Rogers, Allan Houston or Jamal Mashburn, they brought out the colors Dream team and ended up winning 62-54. It should be noted that that day did not compete Michael Jordan, to which the coach, Chuck Daily, He decided to rest due to physical discomfort presented by the Bulls. Seeing what happened, Michael requested that another match be organized the next day in which he was out of the game, and there the Dream Team won 30 points, but the defeat was already part of the history of the sport.