The future Porsche 911 Safari poses in spy photos in the snow of Lapland

If just a few days ago one of the prototypes of the Porsche 911 Safari was hunted outside the headquarters of the German brand, these spy photos show that Porsche is more than serious with the 911 crossover. This time he has been hunted from all angles, on the snow of the icy roads of northern Europe.

Without resisting, a new prototype of the Porsche 911 Safari has returned to be hunted and pose in some interesting spy photos from all angles in winter testing to northern Sweden, where a prototype of this very special variant of the Porsche sports car has been moved.

The German brand does not cut a hair, the images show the 911 raised completely naked, with the signs of the crossover: the higher body to ground clearance, which is so obvious, and the wheel arch protectors additions that do not have exactly the task of concealing the width of the axles, but is a definitive detail in every rule. The difference is that these have the same finish as the bodywork, and in the production model it will be matt dark gray plastic.

Spy photo Porsche 911 Safari - exteriorThe front bumper is slightly different on the Porsche 911 Safari, as is the lower lip

The Porsche 911 Safari faces winter testing, another step in its development

Despite these details, other more discreet ones are also appreciated. For example, the central air intake under the front license plate is slightly different from the one on the 911 Carrera, while the edge of the bumper reveals a scratched finish underneath. The German brand has also ensured a more forceful braking by mounting a team of perforated brakes front and rear.

At the rear there are no changes compared to previous units, beyond the new bumper design that we spotted a few weeks ago and which presents a style very close to that of the “Sport Design” package. A closer look has also revealed that the dashboard is also kept covered with a tarp, just like the new 911 GTS Targa from just a few days ago. An indication that Porsche is preparing a serious change for the interior that can be consummated by inheriting the Taycan instrument cluster.

Nothing is known about the deadlines for the launch of the Porsche 911 Safari, not even if this name will be the final one, but judging by the usual deadlines in the development of new models in the brand, between a year and a half and two years is fair. At the earliest, I’d be on the street early 2022. What we do know is that the starting point is the 911 Carrera 4 for its all-wheel drive system, so it will also mount its 385 hp six-cylinder boxer engine and its 8-speed automatic transmission.

Spy photo Porsche 911 Safari - exteriorThe interior of this prototype of the new Porsche 911 Safari also remains covered as in the GTS Targa