The future of Disney in theaters will be determined by Black Widow, Shang-Chi and Cruella – Tomatazos

The last year has been difficult for movie premieres as several cinemas were closed for months while those that have started operating decreased their audience capacity. As is evident, this has generated great economic losses even for the most powerful companies. Warner Bros. reacted considerably quickly and began working with simultaneous theatrical releases and on HBO Max.

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Disney, for its part, although it did use Manda’s Low Video through its young platform, has seen significant drops in its collection both at the box office and in subscribers. Although they still do not see it as serious, Wall Street has called for more attention to be paid to meet their expectations. Disney Plus achieved 8.7 million more subscribers in the last quarter globally, however, analysts’ expectations were for a growth of 110 million subscribers.

According to the information shared on Indie Wire, Bob chapekCEO of Disney, does not consider this as something catastrophic due to the world situation, however, he already has a strategy ready that he will take advantage of with his next releases to see what is the ideal way to bring his new films to the public; either with simultaneous premieres, only in cinemas or only on its platform.

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In Chapek’s words, they will take advantage of the rest of this fiscal year to do their analysis and compare results, and the final decision will depend on how the arrival of Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Free Guy and Cruella works. , among other launches. The report has confirmed that Destin Daniel Cretton’s film and the one starring Ryan Reynolds will have their exclusive theatrical release, running for 45 days and then releasing them on the platform.

Cruella, Black widow and Jungle Cruise will be the first films (for Disney) to have a simultaneous release, which means that they will hit theaters and platform at the same time. The last option is the exclusive premiere on Disney Plus at no additional cost like what will happen with Luca, the next Pixar movie. Remember that Soul – 97% had their debut on the platform at the end of last year and it did quite well.

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However, with the arrival of Raya and The Last Dragon – 97% with the extra cost of Premier Access did not have the best of results. Now everything will depend on the response of the public during the next months. It is worth mentioning that it is believed that part of the fall in Disney Plus subscriptions, which led to several cancellations, was that prices rose significantly in the United States, but despite this Chapek did not consider that this was the reason why subscriptions are down.

Beyond this fiscal year, we haven’t announced exactly what our strategy will be in terms of which titles will be in theaters plus Disney + Premier Access, which will go direct to Disney +, or which will go to theaters, but please know that we will continue to watch the evolution of the recovery market at the box office and we will use that flexibility to make the right decision at the right time.

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