The frustrated contacts between Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari were in contact in the past to study a possible signing of the Briton by the Italian team. However, both parties never agreed and now it is highly unlikely that they will come together in the future.

About a year ago, the contacts between Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton took center stage in the media and there was much speculation about the hypothetical signing of the seven-time world champion, who, like now, had yet to confirm his future for 2021.

But such contacts never became serious and it is now clear to Lewis Hamilton that will follow at least one more season with the training that has allowed him to obtain six of his seven world titles.

“Our positions have never been aligned”

So, what caused Hamilton and Ferrari not to understand each other? the pilot himself has clarified some of the causes. “We spoke from time to time, but we did not go beyond understanding what options were on the table and which were not appropriate”, relates Lewis Hamilton.

“Our positions have never been aligned, I think time matters and things happen in the end for a reason”, reflects the Briton, who admits that the terms of his contract with Mercedes used to not coincide with those signed with Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Räikkönen or Charles Leclerc for the Scuderia. «In recent seasons my contract always expired in different years from the rest of the drivers. In the end it was like this ».

McLaren did not allow him to grow

Now the signing of Hamilton by Mercedes in 2013 is valued as a clear success for Hamilton, but at the time it was seen as a mistake that it could end the career of a very talented pilot.

At that time, McLaren offered Hamilton more options for victory, but the Briton knew how to see something special in the Germans, who also allowed him greater freedom of action. “At McLaren I grew up a lot but they had certain expectations about how a driver should behave and they contrasted with the fact that I have always been a stranger, a nonconformist”he admits.

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Before signing with Mercedes I said: Look, I’m different from the others. Let me be myself, let me experiment because I have to discover who I am. In any case, I help you and make the brand grow in the world of young people “. And that’s what happened “, concludes Hamilton about it.

The rest is history, as they say, and Hamilton is already the most successful driver of all time, while McLaren is still trying to be a winning team again.