The Francisco Franco Foundation reaffirms that it will continue to defend the dictator

The dictator Francisco Franco, in a file image. (Photo: Ullstein bild via .)

The Francisco Franco Foundation has promised this Tuesday to continue defending the “historical truth” and the legacy of the dictator. The association has released a statement on the same day that the Government approves the Democratic Memory Law, which will make the foundation illegal.

In the statement, Franco’s defenders lash out at the “unconstitutional” rule enlightened by the Executive and the “anti-Franco coven” that promotes it: “No one will be able to erase the enormous significance of Francisco Franco and his time, both for what he avoided, as well as in the achievements ”, he asserts.

The foundation considers that the new law is “illegitimate, unconstitutional”, and emphasizes that its promoters will not find in them “neither servitude nor voluntary submission” because “the magnitude of a man is endorsed by his destiny,” according to his note.

The foundation considers the new law to be illegitimate

In addition, the foundation affirms that a law “is not mandatory” even though it is approved by a parliamentary majority “if it is opposed to the Constitution.” The Francisco Franco Foundation also emphasizes that “collective memory does not exist” and assures that it is “the imposed theoretical formulation of communist indoctrination.”

The foundation considers that “the anti-Franco coven installed in Spain hates everything it ignores,” it says, and argues that Franco “industrialized Spain” and “obtained enormous popular support, far superior to all current parties.”

The entity reaffirms its commitment to “defend the historical truth and the legacy of Franco” after warning that “the triumph of the demonization of Franco and the destruction of his work is the best guarantee that the left and the separatists will return to repeat the disastrous experience of the Second Republic ”.

The foundation assures that it will continue to be cleaned in the name of Franco from the historical rigor

The foundation assures that it will continue to be cleaned in the name of Franco “from the historical rigor” and “the truth of the facts” of an “unrepeatable time that must be venerated.” For this reason, he announces that he will continue with his opposition “to the Caesarist despotism and to the Government of plugged in the hundreds of beach bars created at the cost of historical memory.”

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