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This facelift brings a new headlight design, the brand’s italic typeface and aluminum-type inserts inside. Previously, we had black plastic covers on the lower sides and the bumper on both fronts. Now, Bet covers these areas the same color as the body, which gives a much cleaner and more youthful style. However, you must be careful with the imperfections of our city, as the scrapes will become more apparent.


In the FR version, so much grille, bumper, housings of the side mirrors, roof bars and fog lights are covered in color « Cosmo Gray ». They add up 19-inch wheels, Spectacular bucket seats and a great audio system signed by Beats.

This is the sportiest version of the Seat modelSandowalsky

At the wheel, the first thing you notice is the turbolag. If you go at low speeds, such as in city traffic, and you step on the gas, you don’t get an immediate response. The torque provided by the charger can be a bit unpredictable. Of course, once crossing 60 km / h, this effect diminishes. We wish we had found the box of eight that recently incorporated in Ateca, since it manages to disguise this problem more effectively.

Hitting the road, vehicle dynamics change. The engine responds better, about all when making passes and lane changes. The suspension behaves great, whether you are driving alone or with someone. It manages to filter out irregularities well and banish vibrations without any problem.

The engine responds better, especially when making passes and lane changes. Sandowalsky

The vehicle stands well in curves and the brakes do their job even if we demand more of them. If you use the full capacity of this vehicle, that is seven passengersYou may feel a bit limited in your power. We would have loved to have had the 2.0 engine that is available in Europe, at least for the FR version.

It has a good equipment, including the audio system signed by BoseSandowalsky

In general this SUV complies in all respects. It is a vehicle attractive and own personality, with great equipment and a lot of security. The Tarraco FR moves very well, but perhaps it did not do justice to its sports aesthetics at least with the motorization offered in our country, in that aspect, we envy its European cousins.


L4, 1.4 l, turbo, 150 hp


6-speed DSG automatic, front-wheel drive


Vel. Max. 199 km / h

0-100 km / h: 9.4 s


15.6 km / l, tank 58 l, autonomy 904 km


255/45 R19 100V


Seven airbags, ABS, EBD, ESC and XDS

Price range

From 536,401 to 641,001 MXN

Unit tested

FR: 641,001 MXN