Although this April it seems that we are going to have a good opportunity to catch up with the games that we have pending, that does not mean that we are not going to find a couple of releases that are not worth taking a look at least. An example of this we have in The Fox Awaits Me, COSEN’s new visual novel, who have already brought us in the past to the hybrid console Panty Party.

COSEN will publish this visual novel that bets on a light tone, where comedy predominates, but without forgetting good drama, in the Nintendo Switch eShop the April 16th, having a price of € 40.99 and a weight of 2.9 GB. The texts come to us in Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese, both simplified and traditional, and it is already possible to reserve it. What do you think? Below we leave you with its official synopsis, duly translated, and its launch trailer. See you!

The Fox Awaits Me Synopsis and Launch Trailer for Nintendo Switch

When I arrived, I was in a bamboo forest.

He was in a state of stupor, so he didn’t know where he was, and couldn’t remember who he was. There was a bell on a bamboo branch that sounded in time with the wind. While I was still delighted, I took that somewhat odd bell and hung it around my neck. “home.”. I started walking through the bamboo forest. It was then that the wind suddenly fluttered around me, and when I looked back at that moment, I saw a small, pale hand.

“Master … is it you …?”

A fox was standing there. He was crying and seemed very happy.

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