The four Second teams that can already play with the public

05/13/2021 at 1:10 PM CEST

Quique Briz

If in First division the return of the public will be a great advantage for the teams that are allowed to do so, in Second it can become much more decisive. Four days of the league championship have yet to be played and the equality that reigns in the category could make the presence or absence of the public in the stands be decisive.

La Liga’s plan is that only the stadiums located in the Valencia, Balearic Islands, Galicia, Murcia and Extremadura Community. That means a total of four teams in the Second Division, which would receive the 30% capacity of the stadiums and always with a limit of 5000 people.


Counting the days to the mathematical ascent, the Majorca will be able to receive public in his stadium this same Sunday before the Alcorcón and on the last day in front of the Saragossa, teams that play salvation in both cases. They are currently six points above the third placed and with the goal difference in favor, so a victory this weekend and a defeat for Almería against Albacete would ensure promotion.

Respecting capacity restrictions, a total of 5,000 Vermilion fans could see their team promoted live this weekend if the results come out.


The only Valencian representative of the Second Division plays salvation in these crucial days of the final stretch of the campaign. The match in which you will receive the Ponferradina This Saturday will be the first to have an audience in the silver category after more than a year without capacity. Meanwhile, on the penultimate day they will also receive the Vallecano Ray, who will be playing his play-off options in Castalia.

The maximum capacity of ‘orelluts’ that the two matches of the Castellon in his fight to remain in Second will be 4,650 people.


In the Lugo, the presence of the public could be a key factor in the future of your results. We are talking about a team that has not won since last January and plunged into a crisis of results that leave salvation to four points, which marks precisely the Castellon. Also assessing that their stadium is small and that they will receive a direct rival such as Cartagena on the penultimate round, it can be something differential.

Before the game against Murcia, they will receive this weekend Mirandés in the Carriage width, where it is expected that a maximum of 2,134 people to witness both games. At a crucial moment of the season, the return of the public for Lugo could be the key to reversing their bad situation.


Cartagena will be the third team that struggles not to be relegated in hosting an audience in its stadium. There will start to be fans in Cartagonova for matchday 40, when they face the Almeria. They will also be able to host fans in the last league match against Girona, which is struggling to enter the promotion play-off.

In total, they will be 4,531 viewers those who can enter Cartagonova to cheer on their team in the fight not to return to the bronze category at the first exchange rate.

Especially affected in this aspect will be Alcorcón Y Saragossa, which in addition to seeing how three of their direct rivals will have an audience, they have yet to visit the stadium of the Majorca, the fourth team that will be able to count on fans.

If the initiatives to open only a few stadiums in the category continue, it is clear that it will be a great advantage for the lucky teams. Especially it will be in the lower zone of the table, where eight teams fight not to be relegated to the First RFEF and three of them will be able to host an audience at the most important moment of the season.

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