When the season was called off due to the coronavirus outbreak, the best team in the standings was Milwaukee Bucks, but no team seemed as favorite to win the ring as Los Angeles Lakers. In the second year of Lebron James In the gold and purple team everything was fine, until this event has stopped everything. With the NBA still looking at alternatives, these would be LeBron and his Lakers’ four ways to the ring.

Normal playoffs: The Lakers would start against the eighth-ranked West, the Grizzlies. If they manage to beat Morant and company, it would be their turn to face the Oklahoma City Thunder or Utah Jazz, thus reaching possible Conference Finals against Clippers. In the League Finals they would play against a team from the East.

Playoffs without conferences: In this case, the Lakers would start against the Brooklyn Nets, perhaps with Kyrie Irving and / or Kevin Durant. In the second round they would meet Houston or Utah and in the semifinals Toronto, Memphis, Indiana or Denver before reaching the Finals against any of the rivals not mentioned above.

World Format: This would be the worst scenario for them, since they would fall into a group stage with 3 or 4 other rivals with worse records who would have the same chances. Rivals would be uncertain, but a first pairing could be against Miami, Indiana, Dallas and New Orleans.

They all come back: In this utopian scenario, the NBA completes all the remaining regular season games and then the playoffs would be played, probably format 1. The Lakers should defend the top of the West at the hands of Clippers and Nuggets and anything could happen.