The four foods a man should eat to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction

Experts conducted an investigation and compared dietary regimens and their direct relationship to erectile dysfunction.

A good nutrition it’s much more than half the way, on the road to a healthy body. It is even, according to scientists, more important than physical activity. However, a sedentary lifestyle must be abandoned to complete the path to good health. A recent study determined that there is another reason to respect eating habits. It is about reducing the risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

This research by scientists from the University of California, in San Francisco, addresses the eating habits of men in a way. Then separate four specific foods that decrease the risk of erectile dysfunction. It is a diet based on many fruits, vegetables, walnuts Y fish.

Consequently, the comparison was made with respect to those who consume so-called « bad fats ». These are those from butter or processed red meat, for example. Furthermore, this example is related to cardiovascular diseases. They also have an impact on the performance of men in the bedroom, reported the Daily Mail.

Motivation to ward off erectile dysfunction

Researchers say that erectile dysfunction at an early age is one of the symptoms of cardiovascular disease. So a good diet could be a motivator to improve sexual performance.

« Men can be motivated to adopt a healthy dietary pattern if it reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction, » says the article reviewed by the aforementioned portal.