A few days after his remarks deemed racist in the program “Quotidien”, Nicolas Sarkozy reacted to the controversy in front of the cameras of France 3 Bourgogne France-Comté.

Nicolas Sarkozy has recently been talked about for a reason that he describes as “unworthy controversy”.

On September 10, Nicolas Sarkozy let out remarks that caused a real outcry. Invited on the set of Quotidien to promote his memories, Le Temps des Tempêtes, Carla Bruni’s husband said:

This will of the elites who pinch their noses, who are like monkeys who listen to no one.

Before adding:

Are we allowed to say monkey? Because we no longer have the right to say the idea.

He then referred to the book by novelist Agatha Christie, Dix Petits Nègres:

We say what ? The little soldiers?

Indeed, following the many anti-racist movements which were created after the death of George Floyd last May, the famous novel was renamed Ten Little Soldiers.

A questionable comparison that shocked viewers and had a huge reaction to social networks. Many Internet users have indeed judged these racist statements and criticized Yann Barthès for not having intervened.

“An unworthy controversy”

Although the affair caused a stir, neither Yann Barthès nor Nicolas Sarkozy had yet reacted to the scandal. Until September 14, 2020, when the ex-husband of Cécilia Attias was questioned by France 3 Bourgogne Franche-Comté.

Nicolas Sarkozy judged this whole affair of “unworthy controversy” and does not wish to comment on it further, in order not to “give it credit”.

The losing candidate in the 2017 presidential election will therefore no longer mention this television slippage in the future:

There is never credit for unworthiness. Our common role is to raise the debate.

Criticized allies

The father of little Giulia was able to count on the support of Karine Le Marchand, who took his defense on the set of C À Vous the day after his visit to TMC.

The host of L’Amour est dans le pré assured that the politician was not racist, although she did not know him personally. A defense considered rather oriented, according to Cyril Hanouna.

Indeed, the presenter of Touche Pas à Mon Poste suggested on September 14, on the set of his show, that Stéphane Plaza’s great friend did not want to offend the former president. And for good reason: he will be the guest of one of the next installments of the show Une Ambition Intime, hosted by Joey Starr’s ex since 2016:

Obviously, she wants to invite him on her show so she said to herself: “I’m not going to shoot the show, I’m going to defend Nicolas Sarkozy anyway!” »Karine Le Marchand is not crazy! We expected no less from Karine!