The footballer Cala denies calling Diakhaby “black shit” and he responds

Juan Cala, the Cádiz footballer accused of carrying out a racist insult, celebrating a goal in a match with Levante. (Photo: Fran Santiago / Getty Images)

After the controversy caused by the alleged racist insult of a player from Cádiz to another from Valencia in the last game played between both teams, the commotion has returned to the sports scene on Tuesday. Juan Cala, accused of calling the Valencianist Mouctar Diakhaby a “shitty black”, broke his silence by appearing at a press conference in which he denied having uttered that phrase.

“I never, ever said ‘nigga shit’ to him. I don’t know if he misunderstood or made it up. But no one, not the 22 players, not the cameras and the referee in an empty field heard him “, wielded Cala, announcing that he will file legal actions against the president of Valencia, Anil Murthy, for the broadcast video that supposes him suffering what he considers a “lynching without evidence.”

However, while the statements of the player from the Cadiz team were taking place, the Frenchman reiterated his complaint of racism in a video published on his Twitter account, with a brief and concise description: “Black shit”. Diakhaby has been forceful stating that “this is intolerable” and that “it cannot be [por alto] in normal life and especially in football ”.

Diakhaby has also thanked his teammates for the gesture, as well as the club, for supporting him in an initiative that became historic in Spanish football, since they momentarily left the pitch in protest of the alleged insult.

When he starts chasing me, I turn around and say ‘leave me alone’. And that’s where the Juan Cala circus began, Cádiz player

However, these statements are opposed to those made by Cala, who attributes everything to a run-in with the Frenchman on a throw-in. “When he starts chasing me, I turn around and say ‘leave me alone.’ And that’s where the circus began ”, he recounted …

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