the flying motorcycle just came true

The science fiction stories of the twentieth century have made many predictions correct, but perhaps they were overly optimistic about the timing. We were supposed to see cities conquered by flying vehicles in the year 2000 but, luckily or unfortunately, we are far from something like that.

However, technology is advancing in that sense and now a company has announced an invention that seems to be taken from one of those futuristic stories: the dream concept of the flying single-seater vehicle has just become a reality.

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If you’ve ever wanted to drive a speeder like the ones featured in the Star Wars franchise, your dream may even be surpassed thanks to JetPack Aviation and its brand new creation: the Jetpack Aviation Speeder.

It is a vehicle similar to a motorcycle with a futuristic appearance, with an aerodynamic design and equipped with a jet propulsion system that allows it to take off vertically, fly at a speed of up to 300 km per hour and rise to an altitude of more than 4500 meters.

The company has presented two prototypes, one for recreational use and the other for military use. The first is thought to be a ship for personal use that requires little training to be piloted and, in turn, will have two versions: one ultralight, which will not require a pilot’s license and will not exceed 90 km / hour, and another experimental for which it will be necessary to obtain the license in exchange for not having a speed restriction. On the other hand, the military model can be piloted or remotely controlled and would be very useful in rescue missions or urgent transfer of the injured.

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Business models will be powered by eight engines that currently run on jet fuel, diesel or kerosene, but the company says it is working to replace it with a more sustainable fuel. As for the price, as you would expect, it is not exactly affordable for all budgets: it is estimated that it will be around $ 380,000. We can only hope that over time the costs will be lowered and it will become a personal vehicle for common use.

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