The flying car is getting closer … but it won’t be cheap


The British company Pentagon Motor Group could have the first mass-produced flying car ready, but its price is not at all affordable.

Surely it has happened to you at some time, perhaps because of the suggestion of science fiction movies, but surely when you think about the mobility of the future, flying cars appear in your head. Well, it seems that reality will once again surpass (or at least equalize) fiction since it seems that the flying car is closer to being a reality.

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The Pentagon Motor Group company seems that it could be the first to propose the massive commercialization of the same. But beware, because the estimated price will not be cheap at all. In fact, taking into consideration the different costs derived from the construction of the wings, the jet engines and the gigantic fuel tanks … the bill would be more or less the same as for a Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

From the license to the pilot’s license

Aston Martin also proposed a flying vehicle model.

Aston Martin also proposed a flying vehicle model.


How much is that? Well, the first phev of the Prancing Horse, with its impressive 1,000 hp of power, costs around 475,000 hp. But beware, because the Pentagon flying car would be even more expensive, around half a million euros. And if that was not enough, the expenses would not stop there since you have to add the flight license, parking, refueling … an approximate calculation of about 60,000 euros per year.

According to the marketing manager of the British company, Shakeel Hussian, in statements to Fox Business the rate for this type of vehicle would not be accessible to most mortals as it would be more identified with a luxury object, suitable for those users with a bulky checking account. Hussian himself is optimistic that these costs, as with other technologies and developments, will be rEducate yourself as the years go by in something similar to what has happened to electric vehicles.

With all the cards laid out on the table, the account is clear: during the first year of owning a flying car, the total cost would go above 600,000 euros. Perhaps too high a figure to have a flying car parked or docked in the garage, don’t you think?

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