The flirty photo of Alexa Dellanos in a swimsuit that divided opinion

The flirty photo of Alexa Dellanos in a swimsuit that divided opinion | INSTAGRAM

Sometimes we might think that the life of a influencer Y model It should be easy, just be climbing flirty photographs, however, thanks to the experience From Alexa Dellanos we could say that not everything is rosy and that being known by many people there will be a higher percentage of chances of receiving harsh comments.

On this occasion we will address a photograph that was the objective of comments on the Internet, dividing opinions and users, all giving their opinions about it, while the beautiful young woman was only enjoying her life.

This is a photograph he shared in one of his travels around the world, a few years ago, a snapshot in which she appears in a very small black bathing suit that barely managed with her great beauty and enormous charms.

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The design of the swimsuit and its size was what made people on the Internet rave, something that made them share their inability to understand why you upload such photos.

Faced with this situation, Alexa only kept silent and continued with the creation of her content, since she never used her voice to defend herself or something like that.

In many media and some people who surf the Internet, they consider that Alexa has only earned her fame through showing her beauty, something that her mother never had to do to become famous and recognized.


As we know, the beautiful Myrka Dellanos became what she is thanks to her excellent ability to present various topics on television, specifically in Telemundo programs.

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However, the really obvious thing is that Alexa Dellanos does not enjoy doing that type of content so much or maybe she is not interested or does not have the ability, but that does not matter much to her, she is interested in being happy and enjoying what she he really likes it.

At the moment something strange is happening on his Instagram profile, many of his publications are hidden or were deleted, it is not known if it will be one of his strategies, a clean one or some idea, they simply disappeared.

That is why we can assure you that Alexa Dellanos will not stop creating attractive and flirty content, we recommend you stay on Show News to find out all the curiosities and news about her as well as everything new that she is preparing to show us very soon.

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