It is expected to reach 74,800 units

By the end of 2022 a growth of 81% is expected

A recent study has determined that the number of electric cars in Spain will grow by 40%, specifically to 78,400 units. A constant increase is also expected, which will place this rise at 81% by the end of 2022.

At the end of 2019, a total of 56,100 electric cars were circulating on Spanish roads, a figure that will increase by 39.8% this year to reach 78,400 units. This is stated in the study ‘Special Report on Forecasts in the Electric Automobile Market’ prepared by the Sectorial Observatory DBK de Informa.

According to this entity there are several reasons to think about this upward trend. In the first place, the increase in the electricity supply, which already includes more affordable, rather than cheap, models for the general public. The help plans launched by the Government.

During this year there has been a historical sales record in what refers to electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in the months of January and February, a trend that has been broken due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Of the 78,400 electric units that are expected to circulate on our roads, 83% will be passenger cars and SUVs. Furthermore, for the following years it is thought that this growth will continue. In 2021, an increase of 62.8% in terms of electric cars in circulation in Spain is expected, a figure that will reach 81% in 2022. If this is fulfilled, in just over two years there will be some 230,000 electric cars in force in Spain.

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