It is no secret to anyone that Part of the show that the Flaming Lips give at their concerts is to see how Wayne Coyne gets into a plastic bubble to do crowdsurfing. For years the vocalist of the band has done it and the truth is that it is one of the most anticipated moments of their presentations because it is a unique and spectacular image.

But it also means that a band can play in front of an audience while maintaining social distance and it seems that they came before us for almost a decade with a solution. After surprising us a few days ago by releasing a new song called “Flowers Of Neptune 6”, Wayne and company appeared on Stephen Colbert’s show as musical guests.


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Beyond presenting his latest song, The Flaming Lips played one of its greatest classics, “Race For The Prize” of the great album, The Soft Bulletin. And yes, we know that at this point you may be wondering, What is special about this if Wayne does it at every concert? Well, the important thing is that he was not the only one who got into a plastic bubble.

Following the frontman, each of the band members played their respective instruments from their own bubble, without having any kind of interaction between them or physical contact. But what really caught my attention was that in addition to the Flaming Lips raffling off this real shit, They had a live audience that was enjoying their performance.

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Between children, youth and adults, all got into these peculiar bubbles to see the band giving a show like the one they usually present anywhere in the world. In recent days, some solutions have been proposed to make concerts come back to our lives, with suits and healthy distance measures, but apparently and with what Wayne Coyne and company demonstrate, is that we only need a bubble like these to be sure. Crazy right? 🤯

We better not tell you more, check below and with your own eyes to The Flaming Lips playing “Race For The Prize”, with the public and respecting social distancing:

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