The Flaming Lips gave their first live concerts inside plastic bubbles

Since the coronavirus pandemic forced the cancellation and postponement of a slew of festivals and concerts around the world, Several options have arisen to try to live this unique experience avoiding any type of contagion. Yes, the shows appeared online and with healthy distance but to be very honest, it was not the same; even so, There were other very interesting proposals like the one that The Flaming Lips presented to us a few months ago.

It was at the beginning of June 2020 when Wayne Coyne and company introduced themselves on Stephen Colbert’s show to play live inside plastic bubbles, as well as his frontman does in every concert. However, they weren’t the only ones who used this peculiar object to stay away and safe from others, Well, there was an audience while “Race For The Price” was playing and they also entered these capsules.

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The Flaming Lips and their great concert idea in the midst of a pandemic

Since then, The Flaming Lips considered putting together shows with these bubbles and did a little test in October of last year, performing at the Criterion Theater from the band’s hometown, Oklahoma City in front of some assistants. At that time They only played two songs, “Brother Eye” and “Assasins of Youth” of his most recent record material, American Head.

The experiment was a success, that’s why the group scheduled a couple of shows for the end of December 2020 in the same place and city. But as often happens with the blessed coronavirus and according to Billboard, plans had to change from an increase in cases of the disease in said population, increasing a bit the nervousness for everything that could happen in said shows.

The Flaming Lips bubble gigs are now a reality!The Flaming Lips bubble gigs are now a reality!

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The band finally gave their first live concerts under this concept

However, on January 22 and 23, 2021, The Flaming Lips were finally able to put together this series of concerts called Space Bubble. On site, in addition to keeping safe distance measurements and wearing face masks at all times, in a creative effort to create a safe atmosphere, 100 transparent inflatable capsules were made available to attendees to stand up while watching the band perform on stage.

Each bubble could hold up to three people, and in addition to members of the public, both Coyne and the other members of the gang were encased in their own plastic bubbles during shows, so there was never any contact between them. The front man came out holding a balloon with shiny silver letters that says “F * CK YOU COVID19” And of course that phrase represents how the world feels about this virus.

During each date, The Flaming Lips played 13 tracks from their entire discography on each date and of course in the face of such a peculiar event, many of the attendees recorded their experience in this unpublished show. The band proved that you can do full-fledged performances inside these plastic bubbles, but the million dollar question is: Would they go to a concert of this type and pay to see it from a capsule?

Then We leave you a small video with everything that a fan of Wayne Coyne and company experienced in the first of these unique presentations.

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