the five movies that deserve the most

The criticisms of Rotten tomatoes they are often the way that many movie lovers make the decision about which movie to watch and which not to watch. The so-called tomatometer is an indicator of the opinion of the best critics about the film, but also about the appreciation as a work as a whole.

The result is a careful scale that ends up being a more or less neat evaluation of the quality of a film.

The problem is that sometimes the coveted Certified Fresh is not always foolproof. So much so that some films suffer unfair treatment by critics and, with a lower grade than expected, end up being part of a group in which they should never have been.

We tell you the five films that deserved a better score on the prestigious critical scale.

A father in distress’: a disappointing 17% on Rotten Tomatoes reviews

It is not the best performance of Arnold Schwarzenegger, but not the worst either. But without a doubt, the feature film fulfills its role with enormous dignity of Christmas movie.

This hectic and impossible comedy about the less uplifting side of Christmas is pure entertainment. And it is for all possible good reasons. It is not taken seriously, everything is cumbersome and exaggerated. It is a great buffoonery to the most disparate and strange customs of the most beloved season of the year. And while it certainly could have been better, it could also have gotten a better grade.

‘Two rebel policemen’ (1995): 42% positive reviews

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After the classic Lethal Weapon, Two Rebel Cops is the buddy film par excellence. Plus, despite Michael Bay’s excesses, she’s aged well enough to still be fun and outrageous.

The chemistry between Martin Lawrence and Will Smith is pure gold, and it also remains intact over time. It may not be able to compete with much more expensive or successful franchises, but this great action movie deserved a higher rating.

‘The Search’: A Disappointing 46% Positive Reviews From Rotten Tomatoes

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In the heat of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, Nicolas Cage He also starred in an entertaining adventure about indecipherable riddles and riddles. Witty, not taking anything seriously and with some memorable moments, Turteltaub’s take on historical action was a box office hit.

But it was also a considerable failure in criticism, calling it simple, implausible, and overly generic. But in reality, The Search is a daring game of small pieces to put together something smarter than it sounds. And maybe that’s why it will have its remake (in series form) very soon.

‘Atlantis: The Lost Empire’: a disappointing 49% positive reviews

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It is incomprehensible why a film of such quality and with a great story received such a low rating at the time. With a careful and original reconstruction of the mythology of Atlantis, and a careful and effective animation, it is the Disney classic that maybe you haven’t seen. But now you have available on Disney Plus.

According to some rumors, there are medium-term projects for a live action that recovers the original plot. But in the meantime, we would like to think that the ferocity of the criticism against the film was due to its subtle and adult quality. It is one of the few Disney films that is not based on a romantic narrative and that explores an alternative myth with intelligence.

‘Revenge’: a disappointing 59% critics on Rotten Tomatoes

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Action movies rarely get past the label of “rotten” in Rotten tomatoes. The reason? Almost all respond to clichés of the genre, and without a doubt they are productions of the lowest quality intended for pure entertainment. But in reality, Revenge is much more than that. and for several specific reasons.

Turned into a famous action franchise, its first part condenses the best of his film personality on an elegant and sophisticated level. When Liam Neeson must face all kinds of obstacles to save his daughter, he stars in a story that does not lose its rhythm and tone. This despite the implausibility of its plot and the predictability of its narrative thread. But the movie knows how to use the soft spots to create an interesting reinvention of the classic action hero.

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