The five loves of the idol Pedro Infante – El Sol de México

64 years ago Pedro Infante died in a plane crash registered in Mérida, Yucatán.

He began his career in 1938 and appears in 60 films, among them “ATM”, “Nosotros los poor”, “Los tres García” and “Tizoc”; For the latter he received a Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival and the Golden Globe. But among all those successes there were always women who marked his life, here we remember them:

His mom

Doña Refugio Cruz de Infante was Pedro Infante’s great filial love. Senora Refugio had the job of seamstress, her hands made the garments of her children, even as a young man and when Pedro was recognized, she designed his garments. Already with fame, the artist bought him a house and surrounded it with comforts

His first love

Guadalupe López was Pedro Infante’s first love, with her he has his first-born Guadalupe Infante López, born in Guamúchil, Sinaloa. Although he did not marry her, he took responsibility for her paternity and support in the maintenance of her baby.

His only wife

María Luisa León Rosas was his first and only legitimate wife.

They got married on June 19, 1939 when he was 23 years old and she was 22 in Mexico City (formerly the Federal District).

They were the parents of Dora Luisa Infante, a niece of Pedro, daughter of his sister María del Carmen whom they adopted.

The unconditional

Lupita Torrentera and Pedro They met in 1947 at the Follies theater, where she acted as a dancer. He had a love affair with her for six years. They had three children. The first-born Graciela Margarita died, then Pedro Infante Jr. and María Guadalupe Infante Torrentera, who is the executor and heir to the Pedro Infante brand, came to the world. Lupita Torrentera married León Michel on January 5, 1955.

His last love

Irma Dorantes is a Yucatecan actress who captivated him and for whom he forged the signature of María Luisa, his first wife, on a divorce certificate that was finally declared void. Thus he proceeded to marry Irma in Mérida, Yucatán, with whom he had a daughter, Irma Infante.

In fact, days before he died, the scandal that he was a bigamist broke out and that was one of the reasons why he decided to travel quickly to Mexico City the day he had an accident and died on April 15, 1957.

A movie romance

With Blanca Estela Pavón he formed one of the most remembered couples in national cinema. They acted together for the first time in When the brave cry, but the films that enshrined them were We the Poor and You the Rich and Pepe the Bull in which they earned the nickname La chorreada.